World Men 9-Ball Champion! It is Yukio From Japan!

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World 9-ballchampionship051The more detail will be announce soon.

You may also find it on the tournament official website.

QATAR is the host country of the 2011 World 9-Ball Championship (W9BC) of the World Pool-Billiard Association. Qatar will hold this championship consecutively until 2013.

 Sponsored by                    Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC)

Co-sponsors by                 Simonis (cloth)

Organized by                     Qatar Billiards & Snooker Federation (QBSF)

Sanctioned by                   World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) & Asian Pocket Billiard Union (APBU)



Stage 1 players must pay their entry fee by the due date.

 Stage 1 players Entry fee for 3 chances  150 USD
 Stage 2 players  200 USD


  • Qaulifiers from the Stage 1 are requested to pay the entry fee for the Stage 2.




The prize breakdown is as follows:


Champion 36,000 USD
Runner-up 18,000 USD
3rd ~ 4th 10,000 USD
5th ~ 8th 6,000 USD
9th ~ 16th 4,000 USD
17th ~ 32nd 2,500 USD
33rd ~ 64th 2,000 USD
65th ~ 96th 500 USD (loser of 2nd round in the loser’s bracket of Stage 2)
TOTAL 250,000 USD


Sanction Fees: No fees to WPA

Local Tax: No deduction


  • Losers (Non-qualifiers to Stage 2) in the last round of the loser’s bracket (Loser’s 2nd round, 65th ~ 96th finishing) in each group are guarnteed award USD $500.
  • No prize money for losers in the 1st round loser’s bracket in each group (97th ~ 128th).

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