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2019 Calender

2016/07/26 14:26  3071  

Schedule-2019 the World championship:

WPA WC 9-Ball Women:

Hainan, China 12-19 December (no other details as yet, promised for next week)

WPA WC 9-Ball Men:

Doha, Qatar 10-17 December – Qualifiers 10-12 Dec, Player’s Meeting 13 Dec, Stage 2 14-17 Dec

WPA WC U17, U19 & Girls
20 Nov- 24 Nov.

2016 Formosa Cup ACBS Asian Pool Championship

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2016 ACBS & APBU Asian Men & Junior Pool Championship

Sanctioned By                :

Asian Confederation of Billiard Sports http://www.acbs.qa

Asian Pocket Billiard Union (APBU) http://apbucuesports.org

Organizer :

Chinese Taipei Billiards Federation (CTBF)

Tel: +886-2-2728-1993 Fax: +886-2-2726-1130

E-Mail: bact.tw@msa.hinet.net http://cuesports.org.tw

Tournament Information


Participants MUST purchase or provide their own personal insurance. The Player acknowledges that by agreeing to participate in the Event that any rights of recovery he may have against the Promoter for personal injury or damage to property whilst participating in the Event are waived.


Men: 9-ball Single,

Junior: 9-Ball Single,

9-Ball Double (Scotch doubles)

Girl: 9-ball Single,

9-Ball Double (Scotch doubles)



No.1, Yumen St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Shuttle bus will be provide between hotel and venue.

Schedule 16.AUG..- Arrival day

17.AUG..- 17.00  Players meeting & Draw

18-21 AUG..– 09:00h Start of matches

21 AUG -Finals

22 AUG- Day of departure

Junior Age limit ( will updated and confirm again according to WPA age limited)

Girls born from 01.01.1998

Boys born from 01.01.1998

Format / Races

Men Division:

9-Ball, Race to 8 – Double Elimination till top 16 then Single Elimination

Juniors Division:

9-Ball, Race to 7 – Double Elimination till Quarter-finals then Single Elimination.

Girls Division:

9-Ball, Race to 6 – Double Elimination till semi-finals then Single Elimination.

Break rules : All tables are tapped.“three point rule” is used. No Break Box. Alternate Break

9-ball professional rule

In 2016 the following racking rule will be used. This rule change will be valid for all 2016 WPA Ranked events and will be then evaluated by the WPA General Assembly in order to make the final decision with regards to the change.

Additionally, three point rule will be used for all WPA events (See Regulations 18.Three Point rule) .

2.2 Nine Ball Rack

The object balls are racked as tightly as possible in a diamond shape, with the one ball moved two ball diameters up the table so that the nine ball is placed at the apex of the diamond and on the foot spot and in the middle of the diamond. The other balls will be placed in the diamond without purposeful or intentional pattern.

Nine Ball Rack

Quota : Each country may send 2 Men, 2 boys and 2 girls.

Total fields : Men: 48, Boy 32, Girl 24( if there is spot left, host country will fill up the spot, if you need more spots, please contact us earlier)

Winner: There are two spots for Winner in Girl and Boy division are guarantee to qualify to participate in 2016 WPA world Junior Championship in Shanghai in November.

Prize money for Men’s division:

Winner: USD 5,000

Runner up: USD 2,000

3rd place: USD1,000 X2

5-8th place: USD 500X4

Sign Up Open Date:  From 1 May 2016.

Entry Closing Date: Closing date for entries is 02 July 2016, No entry fee.

Travel Information : Taoyuan International Airport (CKS) ( about 1 hour to Taipei)

Or Taipei Songshan international airport ( In Taipei)

Table Clothes : YTT

Balls : Cyclop

Entry List as below:

Team List-1Team List-2Team List-3