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Coach License – Iran Coach-B

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2011 Referee- B Level from Iran

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2011 Iran Referee-B LicenseIran 2011 referee B License

3rd Golden Break 9 Ball Invitational Championship 2011

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3rd Golden Break 9 Ball Invitational Championship 2011
13 – 21 August 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Corteza victorious at Golden Break

Favourite for the title from the moment he registered for the event, Lee Van Corteza did not disappoint all his fans who came to watch and support him in the Final and played well to defeat Chinese Taipei’s Ko Ping Chung 13-8 to lift the Champion’s trophy.



  Lee Van Corteza with trophy and mock chequeCorteza came into the Final with a very convincing win over Indonesia’s Riyan Setiawan in the Semi Final whilst Ko Ping Chung had to overcome a more difficult opponent, his elder brother Ko Pin Yi before advancing.

When the Final broke off, Corteza immediately went to a 3-0 lead before Ping Chung could return the attack. Ping Chung was literally playing catching up throughout the whole match as he was trailing 2-4 and 7-9. Corteza, being the more experienced player, was in control throughout and gave no chance the youngster to retaliate. His Semi Final match play form continued through to the Final and without even looking back, ko-ping-chungeventually won it at 13-8.

Lee Van Corteza flies home with cash prize of USD 7,000 and the Champion’s trophy while Ko Ping Chung can only take the Runner up trophy for the consecutive 2nd time and cash prize of USD 3,500.

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Golden Break 9 Ball Invitational Championship 2011

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Ibrahim wins the Championship

August 23, 2010

by xzsports1

Ibrahim “Ah Chai” Amir

Ibrahim Amir couldn’t help but smile all the way to the bank as he wins the 2nd Golden Break 9 Ball Invitational Championship 2010 at Golden Break Snooker & Pool Club. He beats 14 year old Ko Pin Chung from Chinese Taipei by 13-10.

Before the Final began, everyone while waiting for the match to begin, were wondering whether Chinese Taipei will repeat last year’s feat and bring the trophy back. Ko with his fluent matchplay and playing his first overseas tournament final seemed totally calm while Ibrahim was his usual self bouncing from one group to another, chit chatting, both waiting for the emcee to announce the match to start.

Winning the lag, Ko immediately cleared 2 racks to lead 2-0 but Ibrahim stopped his stride to win Rack 2 to narrow the gap. Ko won the next 2 racks to extend the lead to 4-1, leaving everyone watching the match sweating in their seats. Ibrahim managed to win the next 2 racks, to narrow back the gap to one rack but was not for long as Ko yet agains extends it to 6-3.ko-pin-chung

When the score reached 7-5 with Ko leading, Ibrahim pulled out his bag of tricks and immediately turned around the match, winning 5 racks straight to lead 10-7. Ko was totally stumped and seem to have lost his form and could only win one rack while Ibrahim wins another two to reach the hill, needing only one more rack from 12-8. After a short break, Ko came back to the table to clear 2 racks, again reducing his trail to two gaps. But that was only all he could do as Ibrahim with a good safety in Rack 23, forced Ko to give him one more opportunity which he capitalized and went to win rack and match, winning the Championship with a scoreline of 13-10.

Ibrahim Amir with his trophy and mock cheque

What was even better for the night was The Management of Golden Break Snooker & Pool Club decided to top up RM 8,000 as a bonus for Ibrahim’s effort and outstanding performance, and also successfully retaining the trophy and title in Malaysia. They also gave Patrick Ooi an additional RM 2,000 for his Semi Final effort. Ibrahim walks away from the Championship with cash prize of USD 5,000 and RM 8,000, a very glimmering trophy and the Champion’s title.

Final Result
Ko Pin Chung (TPE) 10 vs 13 Ibrahim Amir (MAS)

Click for knock out stage result—>golden-break-final-knockout-stages-result