APBU Referee License

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LEVEL 3 – The APBU Certified Inter-continental Tournament Referee:

 This is the ultimate level for all APBU referees and required the applicants to have successfully completed the requirements of and to be certified at the Level 2. This level is attained by invitation only from the APBU office on recommendation of the APBU Certified Asian International Head referees and Referee Programme Administrators.

 Referees in this level will be eligible for a referee in the Inter-continental Tournaments as well as the World Championships in which the APBU will propose to the WCBS, the WPA if necessary.

 The APBU Referee Dress Code:

 All APBU referees, when acting in an official capacity, will be required to abide the APBU Dress Code or their national dress code. This will include neat and presentable appearance, a dress type, polo, or black and white referee uniform shirt bearing the Official APBU Referee patch, black slacks, and dress shoes

 *Consideration For A Special Case:

 Organisers of any Asian sports events may call the level 2 referees from the other countries or territories for pool divisions. This could be possible for the Sports Director to give selection after careful consideration.

 Issued by Kazuo Fujima

Sports Director of the APBU

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