APBU Referee License

2009/08/26 16:52  6936  

The APBU will issue a formal certificate of recognition to those successfully passing the examinations, as well as an Official APBU Recognised Local Referee patch which may be worn by the applicant, identifying his or her level of achievement.


Qualifications for examination:


(1)     Applicant must be the member of the APBU affiliated country or territory.

(2)     A little experience having ever competed 9-Ball or 8-Ball would be desirable.

 Conditions for examination:


Mr. Kazuo Fujima, the APBU Sports Director, who is well experienced in this programme will take charge of an examination with assistance by some Professors from the organiser.

 (1)     A period of time for the above programme will be five days.

a)       To understand and master completely the rules for tournaments competitions and also instructions for referees.

b)       To understand and master completely the general rules of pocket billiards, and also the rules of 9-Ball and 8-Ball.

c)       A written examination.

d)       Practical test.

(2)     An applied member’s association or federation is requested to pay for the following expenses to the APBU.

a)       US$ 50 per applicant to the APBU as test fee.

b)       The annual cost of maintaining recognition is US$ 35 per referee who has already got recognition from the APBU. Such fee is paid to the APBU.


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