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LEVEL 2 – The APBU Certified Asian International Tournaments Referees:


This is the second level of the Referee Programme and is for those who wish to continue to refine their skills and officiate at higher leveled events.


To achieve this level of recognition, the successful applicant must attain the APBU Recognised Local Referee status as outlined above.

 Conditions in outline for qualification:

 (1)     Level 1 licenced referee must attend and successfully complete the full local and/or national events referee in his/her country or territory for two years.

(2)     Knowledge of English, especially technical terms for the pool, must be desirable.

(3)     When the APBU announces the enforcement of test for the Level 2 in every two years, applicants must obtain their president’s or sports director’s approval and must attend at the designated place by the APBU to have examination. These costs should be charged to their associations or federations.

(4)     For the APBU Sports Director’s  expenses to the designated place by the APBU, training programme organising association or federation should shoulder his expenses and remuneration in proportion to the number of applicants.

(5)     Test fee is US$ 75 per applicant which is paid to the APBU.

(6)     The annual cost of maintaining recognition is UD$ 35 which is paid to the APBU.


Level 2 APBU Certified Asian International Tournaments Referees is eligible for a referee in the SEA Games. The APBU Asian Championship, Asian Circuit Tour events (pending) and other official Asian international events.


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