WPBA Taiwan Women’s 9 Ball International Regional Tour

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Updated!   Chang Shu Han -TPE the highest ranking Won the ticket to the 2010 WPBA Regional Tour Championship!

 WPBA Taiwan Women’s 9 Ball International Regional Tour

The Four days points result: 20091130ranking list

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After the four stops in Taiwan, TPE player Chang Shu Han won the highest points, she won two stops in the first two days, she said that she is happy but also feel nervers, she hope she will perform very well for her home country.

The Regional tour in Asia for next year 2010 will also be 4 stops, but in 4 different countries, for more detail and information, please keep checking the APBU website.

APBU will announce at once the plan and schedule is decided.

2009 Information on the WPBA international Regional Tour- Taiwan.

Attachment : 2009 entry form–> WPBA Player Membership Application 

This is the first time that WPBA tour be held in Asian. That will be a good opportunity for your women players, because WPBA only allow this year for us to organize the tour for consecutive 4 days. This will save a lot of travel fee for Asian players( next year must be at least 4 stop in 4 different Asian countries). The top ranked player in the Taiwan tour can be qualified to entry in WPBA Regional Tour Championship, if they also top in the championship they will receive a full year’ guaranteed invitation into all WPBA classic tour event, then they can earn enough WPBA professional point to become Exemption membership status in the following season. 

All the entry must fill out the WPBA membership form and the membership of WPBA USD 25( for the 2009 year). Players will receive the membership card and newsletter(via email)

 Please inform your players who may be interested on this WPBA Tour.

 The entry deadline is 15 November.