Hong Kong East Asian Games RESULTS!

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Hong Kong East Asian Games RESULT!
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  • Date: 3rd Dec 2009 ~ 7th Dec 2009





 Dear friends,

Please click the 2009_EAG_Draw  results for all discipline. Thanks to HKBSCC for the wonderful event and the updated results. Also congratulations to all players participated in Hong Kong East Asian Games.

Location: Hong kong International Trade and Exhibition Centre

Official result website:



  • Women event:

            — 6 Red Snooker Singles

                   —Gold: Chen Xue 陳雪(China)

                   —Silver: Bi ZhuQing 畢竹清(China)

                   —Bronze: Cha You Ram (Korea)

            — 9-Ball Pool Singles

                   —Gold: Kim Ga Young ( Korea)

                   —Silver: Chihiro Kawahara (Japan)

                  —Bronze: Lin Yuan Chun (TPE)       

  • Men event:

           –15-red Snooker Singles

                —Gold: Tian PengFei 田鵬飛(China)

               —Silver:Yu Delu 于德陸(China)

              —Bronze: Wu Yu-Lun 吳育綸(TPE)

           –  6-red Snooker Singles

               —Gold: Yu Delu 于德陸(China)

               —Silver:Tian PengFei 田鵬飛(China)

               —Bronze: Wu Yu Lun 吳育綸(TPE)

           –  Snooker Team

               —Gold:Hong Kong  Team

               —Silver: TPE Team

               —Bronze: China Team

           –  9-ball Pool Singles

              —Gold: Kwok Chi Ho 郭志浩(Hong Kong, China)

              —Silver: Yang, Ching Shun楊清順(TPE)

              —Bronze: Oi Naoyuki 大井直幸(Japan)

          –  English Billiards Singles

              —Gold : Hwang Chul Ho 黃喆浩(Korea)

              —Silver: Eric Lee 李銘皆(Hong Kong, China)

              —Bronze: Lee Chen Man 李俊文 (Hong Kong , China)

          –  One-Cushion Carom Singles

               —Gold:Mori Yoichiro 森陽一郎(Japan)

               —Silver: Machida Tadashi 町田正(Japan)

               —Bronze:Lim Hyun Sung 林賢成 (Korea)