APBU History

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 Throughout the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Mr. Kazuo Fujima (Sports Director) traveled extensively throughout the world as a representative for the Japanese federation and his own trading company. In those trips, Mr. Kazuo Fujima made the acquaintance of many individuals who were interested in the growth of the cue sport. As such, he was invited to attend the organizational meetings of the World Pool-billiard Association (the WPA) in Stockholm in 1988 in conjunction with the European Championships. As the result of this meeting, he was appointed as a member of a provisionary board to represent Asia in the formation of this new association.

 Motivated by the formation plans, upon his return, he saw the need for organization within the Asian countries and met with Mr. Yung-hui Tu (Former President of the APBU and incumbent Executive Vice President of the Billiards Association of Chinese Taipei) at the site of the Taipei International Tournament in November 1988 in order to discuss the possibility of creating an umbrella organization for all pool competing nations or territories in the Asia.

 In Taipei city, August 1989, the APBU was formally organized with its founding countries members Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Chinese Taipei to start functioning for promotion and development of pool billiard games under the influence of the WPA. And so it was that the APBU, governing body of pocket billiards in the Asia, was formed. Since then, Messes Yung-hui Tu and kazuo Fujima had steadfastly been keeping in touch with the other Asian nations or territories in order to urge for the necessity of affiliation to the APBU.

 The WPA is affiliated into the World Confederation of Billiard Sports (the WCBS), which is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (the IOC) and the GAISF as an organisation for cue sports. Accordingly, the APBU is also belonging to these organizations through affiliation to the WPA.

 Asian 9-Ball Pool Championship is the annual organised event in one of APBU countries members. The related host country member is informed by the APBU with “Requirement for the APBU Asian Pool Championship” a few months prior commencement of the Championship. The APBU has decided to add Juniors’ division into its Asian 9-Ball Pool Championship in 2002 and hereafter. The APBU Asian 8-Ball Pool Championship is simultaneously being competed in Singapore in the summer of 2002 and this is the first time for the APBU to organise its Asian 8-Ball Pool Championship.


The APBU Annual General Meeting is called to order each year during the APBU Asian 9-Ball Pool Championship. The APBU Constitution had been revised anew in June, 1999 (at Taipei).


The APBU has supported to the technical and referee divisions to the SEA Games at Indonesia in 1997 and Brunei in 1999, and also Asian Games in Thailand (1998).


Since 1999, countries members of the APBU has been increased to fifteen countries and territories and many Asian countries are interested to promote pool in these few years so that the APBU trusts pool will reach all corners of Asia one day.